The Rapid City Economic Development Partnership is a 501 (c) (6) non-profit corporation dedicated to the economic growth and development of the Rapid City area. We are governed by a board of directors comprised of the highest levels of local leadership in business, government, and education. We meet regularly to discuss ways we can better serve the needs of the community, and to implement policies and drive actions which will lead to sustainable economic growth within the region.

We believe in the public-private model of economic development, where each sector can leverage its resources, skills and strengths with those of the other to achieve common goals and produce better outcomes.

Please contact us if you would like to become more involved with our organization.



The mission of the Rapid City Economic Development Partnership is to improve the quality of life and increase personal income levels in greater Rapid City by fostering a vital business climate which provides quality new jobs, attracts new business, helps existing businesses, and promotes entrepreneurship. 


Operations & Marketing

The Rapid City Economic Development Partnership has an extremely active, focused program in place working to attract quality, primary jobs to the Rapid City area. Primary jobs are described as those jobs that bring new wealth into the community. Manufacturing, processing and service exporting are excellent examples of primary job creating industries, and the Partnership focuses its programs on attracting those type of industries. The Partnership also works to help local companies expand and retain jobs.

Efforts include marketing strategies; investment missions to specific geographic areas; targeted marketing mailings; joint ventures with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Black Hills Business Council (other Black Hills communities).

The Partnership has also established itself as an effective one-stop center for business related information and referral services. We have developed a strong information resource base and pride ourselves on demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the various agencies and personalities in the community that best assist you. The Partnership believes that there is truly no other point of contact in the community that can match the level of information provided. Contact us with your questions regarding demographic statistics, local or nationwide; quality of life information – climate, education, cost of living, transportation, health services, etc.; and business climate information – tax structures, wage comparisons, state-to-state comparisons, labor information, etc. We’re here to help!