Currently, a number of industries in South Dakota are experiencing a critical shortage of skilled workers. Businesses are starving for more of these specialized and well-trained employees. This is in part because there has been a failure to recognize the importance of job-focused, post-secondary education in the state and no clear and distinct level of support for the Technical Institutes’ mission. It’s time for that to change!


Let’s support the men and women who pursue skilled, technical careers. And let’s give our local industries and businesses the support they need to thrive. Amendment R, which will be on the ballot in November, is the foundational requirement for fixing the shortage of skilled workers in South Dakota. It will, for the first time, elevate the mission of the Technical Institutes in
educating and training skilled workers to a constitutional mandate.

What Can You Do?
What we need from our industry partners is the political and financial support to conduct a media campaign to educate the public on why it is important to our State economy that this amendment passes. Please consider the following ways you can help:
• Letter of support from your organization
• Permission to use your name as a supporter of this amendment
• Financial support for the campaign

This is a one-time shot at trying to reset the importance of a skilled workforce to our economy and we need everyone on board to get this done. Below, you will please find additional materials and a commitment form for you to provide support for this proposed amendment.

West River Members of the Skilled Workforce Advocacy Council (SWAC)
David Lust Scott Knuppe Dr. Ann Bolman Benjamin L. Snow
GPNA, LLP Caterpillar Western Dakota Tech Rapid City EDP
EDP Board Chair EDP Member EDP Board Member President

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